About PR or ER

Established in 2017, PR or ER Ultra Team (sometimes known as PR or ER Running Team among members who are sick of long runs) is a group of running friends who met on Reddit’s /r/running subreddit.

/r/running was a thriving subreddit where runners of every experience level could discuss running, training and racing without annoying their non-running friends and family. As bonds of friendship grew stronger among the subreddit’s readers and regular posters, they began planning in-person meetups at races, the first of which took place in North Carolina at the Black Mountain Monster 24 hour ultramarathon in 2016. The second /r/running meetup happened in Ohio at Eagle Up Ultra in 2017.

Planning for the 2018 get-together began quickly thanks to the number of race reports describing the fun of the 2017 meetup appeared on the subreddit. One of the first parts of the planning for each year’s gathering is selecting a team name, and PR or ER, suggested by Doug, was the runaway landslide winner.

PR or ER stands for Personal Record or Emergency Room. It may or may not be a joke. And for some members of the team, PR or ER more of an “and” situation.

Once again, the group voted to attend the centrally located Eagle Up Ultra 2018 and it ended up as the largest Reddit /r/running meetup to that point. With over 50 runners and family in attendance, our group was so overwhelmingly large that we needed to rent a ridiculously huge tent to accommodate everyone. Below is a drone photo of the tent, at the lower left corner of the grounds. (Special thanks to the race director of Eagle Up, who did not immediately kick us out, though the fire marshal wanted us to get fire extinguishers since the structure was so large.)

PR or ER Running Team is a big tent kind of group

The Swag

PR or ER loves swag almost as much as we love running, and since those first purple and green singlets, hats, and t-shirts of 2018, group members have produced a number of different designs for races, meetups and just for the fun of it.


Among PR or ER team members are both trail runners and road runners, and we run distances from mile races to ultramarathons and everything in between. Several of our members have successfully completed 100 milers, and some are even training towards multi-day events. Though we have diverse interests and occupations, one thing that binds us together is a love of running.

Below is a very incomplete list of the races run by PR or ER members since 2018.

Mind the Ducks 2018
Eagle Up Ultra 2018
TARC Ghost Train 2018
First Annual Steve Memorial 100 Meter Fun Run Marathon 5K For A Cure Charity Run Presented by TrackJack
Great Allegheny Passage Trail Relay 2018
Hungerford Games 2018
Red Hot Blues Run 2018
New York Marathon 2018
Icarus Florida Ultrafest 2018
The Great Race (Pittsburgh) 2018
Central Park Holiday Classic 2018
Frostbite 50 2019
Bandera 2019
Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 2019
Mother Fricker 2019
Boston Marathon 2019

Pittsburgh Marathon & Half 2019
Mind the Ducks 2019
Manchester 2 Manodanock Ultra 2019
Eagle Up Ultra 2019
The Great NY Running Exposition 2019
Rundola 2019
Staten Island 6 Hour Ultra 2019
B6Q 2019
The Great Race (Pittsburgh) 2019
Slickville Coal Mine Climb 2019
Berlin Marathon 2019
Hungerford Games 2019
New England Green River Marathon 2019
Sleepy Hollow Hourly Ultra 2019
Tortugas Mountain 24 Hour Challenge 2019
Yeti 100 Mile Endurance Run

Chicago Marathon 2019
Oil Creek 100 2019
The Hamsterwheel 2019
Javelina Jundred 2019
Philadelphia Half Marathon 2019
Jackson County 50-50 2019
Palmetto Bluff Buffalo Run 2019
Frozen Gnome 2020
Bandera 2020
Spring Thaw 2020
Sierra Vista Trail Runs 2020
Atlanta Half Marathon 2020
Pittsburgh 30K 2020
Lauren’s Birthday Puzzle Run 2020
Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 2020
Runnsylvania 283 2020
Great Allegheny Passage Relay 2020

Mostly Harmless Running Podcast

Mostly Harmless Running is a podcast hosted by PR or ER team members Happy Matt, Alyssa, and Katie. It features candid conversations with everyday runners sharing stories about training, races, what they eat and the wild and ridiculous things that happen through it all. 

Available on Apple iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Team Member Blogs/Sites

Trailing Off: reformed fat guy ruins hip, runs ultras is a running blog full of the wisdom of PR or ER member Nate.

Gayt Analysis is the running portion of Today’s Mighty Oak, the personal web site of Mike, PR or ER’s own Tent Daddy.